Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gacela of Unforseen Love, by Lorca

No one understood the perfume
of the dark magnolia of your womb.
Nobody knew that you tormented
a hummingbird of love between your teeth.

A thousand Persian little horses fell asleep
in the plaza with moon of your forehead,
while through four nights I embraced
your waist, enemy of snow.

Between plaster and jasmine, your glance
was a pale branch of seeds.
I sought in my heart to give you
the ivory letters that say "siempre",

"siempre", "siempre" : garden of my agony,
your body elusive always,
that blood of your veins in my mouth,
your mouth already lightness for my death.

Written by Frederico Garcia Lorca


  1. yes, lorca's body of work and this poem in
    particular just slays my heart. thank you J.

  2. Wrenching, yearning, Love.

  3. Frederico is an incredible poet presence.
    His poetry, words embody the threshing floor
    of love.

  4. The image the line "a hummingbird of love between your teeth." just does not escape my mind. I may have to go read more of Lorca somehow.

  5. Frederico is a supernaturally spiritual
    and erotic poet. Please do read more
    of his poetry, on line or better yet
    buy a slim volume of his work.

    Thank you.

  6. So pretty.
    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear. xx

  7. thank you for visiting maz - I enjoyed
    your blog.

  8. Wonderful...Thanks for sharing

  9. And thank you Jeeves, for taking the time
    to comment.

  10. thanks so much belle for your comment.
    please forgive my delay in replying.