Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Nuptial Countenance

Nativity, guide the unyielding,
may they find their foundations,
the almond believable in the fresh day to come.

Evening has closed its corsair's gash where
the rockets soared aimlessly amid dogged fear.
Past now the micas of mourning on your face.

Unquenchable pane: my breath was already
grazing the friendship of your wound,
arming your hidden royalty.

And from the lips of the fog descended our joy
with its threshold of dune, its roof of steel.
Awareness increased the quivering array
of your permanence;
faithful simplicity spread everywhere.

Rene Char


  1. That was nice to read, but I read it many times and my mind is alive and awake now this 6am!

    Iam following both of your blogs now. I like them!


  2. Hello Secretia, yes, this poem awakens so
    many feelings within me.

    Thank you for following my blogs, I will
    follow your blog also. Love to listen/read
    secrets - great idea.